Thank you for taking the time to place an order from your Temecula Dance Company photos. Please take a minute to review the order procedures below.


This year we are posting all of the individual photos that were taken of each child so you can select your own photo. As soon as your order is submitted you will recieve it within a week since you are order directly from the printing company.


First you will need to follow the link that will be posted below and select the dancers class. It is sorted by studio location either North or South and then by day, time and teachers name.



Next you need select your dancers photo and crop it also making sure your photo is centered by using the tools below the image.



Next select the items that you would like to order


After you add the items to the cart check all your items some will need text ie the dancers name etc. it will also show you the crop on the dancers photo...great time to double check it.

After you order your items they will be put in your cart (you can order from multiple dances)


Continue to check out or select the "browse all images by catagory to order photos from other dance routines.


When your ready to check out click on the "Cart" link in the upper right and review your order.


Here are the links to the online ordering

North Studio Photos

South Studio Photos

Father/Daughter Photos Dads were given cards with thier section A-H

Company Teams