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Sunday, 25 May 2008 02:05 administrator
Jeff CracePhotography is my passion....I started with photography while I was in the military..... I would spend hours in the lab developing photos. Central America was so different from growing up in Minnesota I never ran out of things to photograph. After leaving the Army I took college course and I learned alot since I was self taught in the military. After leaving college I did not take many photos until my girls started to dance. Then I bought a camera....then another one....and then another one.....if your a photographer then you know this is an endless cycle! Anyway I now string (freelance) for a couple local papers and also run SoCal in Motion. My specialty is......ok I really don't have one. In one month I will take portraits , auto racing, prom, dance, baseball and equestrian. Actually I think my specialty is the ability take photos of just about any thing! Here is a link to my portfolio if you would like to see some of my shots.
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